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The app follows a set amount of followers from a user of your choosing. The daily number of actions (followings and unfollowings) that is recommended on SoundCloud is 100-250. It can follow the set number of users immediately or on a daily schedule.

So if you are in a cycle of gathering followers on SoundCloud, you don't have to worry about setting your alarm to follow/unfollow 100 users every day manually, you just tell the app to follow/unfollow on a daily basis, then you minimize it to your Apple menu bar and that's it. Voila.

:) It automatically remembers the users that you have followed and puts them into a database, so they don't get followed again in a new cycle. If you have already followed users on your account, and first want to unfollow these, the app will (also) automatically put these existing users in the database so they don't get followed again.

The whole process is very automated and transparent. What sets us apart from other apps of this kind is that, first of all SoundCloud Helper is not a classical bot app, the kind that boosts your stats artificially. This is not the point of the Helper, nor does it do that kind of stuff. Secondly, this is a native Mac app. Thirdly, it has an option to follow only Pro (more precisely, all non free) users which is very helpful. Number four, you won't follow the same user twice when doing more than one cycle of followings/unfollowings. It is also very minimalistic and very efficient.

System requirements: MacOS 10.10+

Price: $19.99


  • Calendar-style user notificationsNew

  • First unfollow those not following backNew

  • Cycle mode (unmaintained operation, like a web app)New

  • Follow immediately a set number of users

  • Unfollow immediately a set number of users

  • Follow on a schedule

  • Unfollow on a schedule

  • All followings/unfollowings are put in a database to avoid following the same users twice

  • Minimalistic

  • Sits in your Apple menu bar

  • Gets followers from a user of your choosing

  • Option to follow only users on a payment plan

  • Fast and efficient use of SoundCloud API

  • Native MacOS app


  • How many SoundCloud actions (follows & unfollows) are allowed per day?

    100-250. We recommend 100.

  • How much money will updates cost?

    Updates are free for the lifetime of the product.

  • What are the user requirements for SoundCloud Helper?

    The app uses very little resources. It requires MacOS 10.10+

  • Where do I download the app?

    You will receive your download link and activation instructions after purchase.

  • Does SoundCloud Helper remember following/unfollowing sessions?

    Yes, the app will remember your last session after restart of the app or a system restart, if you don't stop the session before quitting. You can quit the app, restart the system or even go to sleep and the app automatically continues the scheduled followings when opened. It also adds users you have followed (or unfollowed for the first time) to a database so you don't follow them again.

  • Can I follow only PRO (or non-free) users?


  • Where do I get support for the app?

    You can use the support form here, or e-mail us directly here. Please do not send big attachments or spam here since these will be deleted.

  • What payment options are available?

    We use PayPal.

  • How many licenses do I get?

    You get a single license which will work on the same machine even after system re-install.