SoundCloud Promotion

When it comes down to SoundCloud promotion you have a few choices. Googling this term usually brings up two kinds of websites. These can be summed up as websites for;
1) Purchasing followers/plays, etc.

2) Purchasing an app that will help you with your SoundCloud promotion tasks.

There is also a third option which is going through paid music channels with thousands of followers and getting them to promote your music, but for the average SoundCloud user, this option is unattainable in most cases – or reserved for the more established artist.

Because of this we will deal with the first two options mentioned;

1) Purchasing followers and/or plays

2) Purchasing an app that can get you more followers and/or plays, likes, etc.

The first option usually delivers non-organic (fake followers) or plays that in this author’s view you really have no use of. Why, you ask? Because these are not true listeners, they will not buy your latest track, they will not be interested in your music, they will not play your tracks. This is just for numbers only, and these packages are often too expensive and come from shady sources. You have no organic use of these kinds of purchases. The word about you and your music does not flow, it is lost within the zombie follower.

The second option however is more tempting. You have apps that can do the daily follows/unfollows for you, and in return you can get more users following you back. The percentage of users you get following you back (the followback percentage) vary greatly depending on your artist profile. Usually, it is never under 10%, but if you have a more established artist profile (or a label profile, or a podcast series profile, etc.) these numbers can dramatically increase.

Now, the apps that offer this kind of service are usually in what you would call the “grey” zone. Meaning this; any kind of automated following or unfollowing goes against the SoundCloud TOS, but nevertheless you see this every day being done by users worldwide. Ever tried running an artist agency? Ever tried running a label? Daily following tasks can be daunting. Ever heard of Schedugram? It’s the same thing applied to Instagram. Taking this to the extreme, ever heard of Google? The googlebot crawls and indexes your website on a daily basis and makes billions while doing so. But I digress, so let’s get back to the topic, shall we..

There are also apps (bots) that offer more “advanced” functionality, basically delivering as many (fake) plays as you would like, or creating fake SoundCloud accounts and then using those to follow the main account. But for many users, including me, fake plays and fake followers are a line in the sand which you do not want to pass.

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